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OUR Story
Family owned and opearted,  Lola’s Chicken Shack's concept is simple. Serve fresh, made from scratch, real food at an affordable price in a friendly, welcoming environment.

After more than three decades in the food business, we felt that chicken had the potential for a new approach. We start by combining fresh, simple ingredients to create bold and unique flavors. Our premium chicken is 100% all natural tenders with no hormones or antibiotics. Fresh, never frozen, and no pump – (That’s where they inject the chicken with water, salt, and other unpronounceable things to make it cheaper).

We marinate our fresh chicken in Koji, which is a rice malt that has been fermented with sea salt. Koji is a live food that is rich in beneficial enzymes that bring out the umami in our chicken while tenderizing the meat, keeping it very juicy. Our focus is to have all of our food delicious with an emphasis on fresh and healthy. We make over 18 different sauces from scratch using only high quality ingredients like real butter, cream, and cheeses. Our soups are all homemade from family recipes. The salads are made with fresh produce and ingredients. Even our cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats are made from scratch!

Semifreddi French rolls and buns are delivered fresh every day of the week. Our sandwiches are creative and made to order. The LolaMac, our Mac n Cheese, is made with a four gourmet blend of cheeses and real bacon; a favorite with “kids” of all ages!

We have always had a strong sense of family, friends, and community, and love to entertain. We want everyone who comes to Lola’s to feel welcomed and comfortable. Hope to see you soon! 

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